Green Bay Packers Football NFL Heritage Banner Matted Framed
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Green Bay Packers Football NFL Heritage Banner Matted Framed

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Established in 1921, the Green Bay Packers have a long and proud history – celebrate it with this heritage Packers banner in team colors, green and gold! A reminder of their long journey, this framed banner celebrates the different variations of logos that the team have had since founding in 1921. Some iterations focus on the very distinct holding shape of a football, with a player at the heart of it, either preparing for a strong throw, or running for victory with the ball. In others, the emphasis is on the initials ‘GB’ for Green Bay, laid out in bold, solid fonts and colors. The update from 1980 features a more modernly styled version of the sans-serif single letter ‘G’, within an oval, in a striking, full white to represent the team’s self-confidence and pride. Add this collectible item to your home, or gift it to a friend!

Product & Framing Details

Product type: Framed Banner

Banner Materials: High quality embroidery graphics, are completed on a wool-blend felt. The detailed logos use a mixture of applique and cross-stick techniques.

Dimensions: 36” (L) X 12” (W)

Logo Changes: 1954, 1959, 1961, 1980

Frame Type: Wooden Black frame

Mat Colors: Green, Gold

Delivery: Ships within 5 business days

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